High Performance Living

GREEN has become a word with several definitions, all of which are centered on taking responsibility of our earth.

When talking about GREEN in your home there is a trend in conversation…

Home Owner:  “MOKULUA, I have heard of you.  You are a green home builder right?”

MOKULUA:  “Green is a big part of a High Performance Home, and MOKULUA is Hawaii’s High Performance Builder!”

Home Owner: “Oh you install solar panels and Energy Star appliances in/on your houses.”

MOKULUA: “Those are great features, but if we only included solar and Energy Star appliances it would be like telling Baskin and Robins…so you only serve chocolate and vanilla.”

Home Owner: “Ok I am interested, but it is going to cost a lot more right?”

MOKULUA: “According the NAHB building a High Performance Home is 0-1% difference in cost.”

Home Owner: “That’s great, but I want my home to be comfortable and high quality”

MOKULUA: “Take a look at these pictures of a High Performance Home.”

Home Owner:  “Who knew a High Performance home is just common sense!  It’s beautiful, comfortable and high quality.  Wait what is High Performance?”

MOKULUA: “High performance home building is more than greening your home, it’s a combination of sustainability, green, healthy and durable.  It truly is the essence of the green building concept; an evolving formula for creating the most efficient end product taking into consideration Hawaii’s regional climate qualities and site specific details.  Its maximizing design, planning, construction and livability, it requires a knowledgeable team and a client who has high standards but is financially conscience.  A high performance home is a well-planned and successful investment for any homeowner who wants an optimal return on investment for the life of their ownership.”