Simple Sustainable Office Tips

At the MOKULUA office, the science of home building is always being analyzed to bring Hawaii the most sustainable, green, healthy and durable homes. As we work toward a more sustainable future we also do the simple tasks to help sustain our planet today.

Below are a few tips the MOKULUA office team does to reduce, re-use and recycle:

1. Replaced individual water bottles with a water service- Saves average of 6,360 plastic bottles per year

2. Replace paper towels in the restrooms with cloth hand towels- Saves average of 8,240 sheets of paper towels per year

3. Add segmented recycling bins next to rubbish cans- Saves average of 420 pounds of rubbish per year

4. Turn down the luminosity on your computer- Conserves 30% of the energy produced per computer

5. Change to CFL Light bulbs- Saves on office energy costs

6. Re-use file folders- Saves on office material cost and produces less rubbish

7. Bring in a plant (eureka palms are great for cleaning indoor air)- Creates a happier healthier office!

What sustainable practices are you doing in your office?