The Essence of HPB…

High Performance Builder… oh yeah, sounds like a sales pitch, BUT what does it mean?

The essence of HPB is building science, and building science is defined as follows;

“skills and knowledge that allow us to design and create buildings that perform in a predictable way”

…that seems simple enough and what is more comforting than something one can predict; certainly homeowners want to know what they can expect of their new home, remodeled home or an existing home that might need a little T.L.C.  The GOAL of building science is to identify efficiency practices that reduce energy consumption without compromising comfort and include best practices (as coined by the International Code Council or ICC) identified by the International Green Construction Code or IgCC.  Best practice, as mentioned, is the development of methodology for the best way to construct a home, remodel a home or renovate.  It is should not be an upgrade to your budget but rather an inclusion by your competent general contractor.

 Through the use of analysis tools such a modeling software and performance testing we can ensure the what was designed and built will in fact play out and the home will perform as predicted.  Our thorough understanding of building science means we are using best practice methods of construction; building our homes to a higher level of performance and durability and by doing so we minimize the impact on our planet!

Simply enough, at MOKULUA HPB we leave our clients with a high performance home, no matter how simple the renovation or how big the build, by embodying building science in our work we know what to expect and leave our clients with peace of mind and a home we will standby for a lifetime.