Professionalism and Honesty…

“This was my first experience doing a renovation/new construction.  I had been warned by many people that it would  be very frustrating and difficult and I would have to have a lot of patience.

My experience was completely the opposite with MOKULUA High Performance Builder.  From the very first day I met with Mike Fairall I was impressed with his professionalism, honesty and his willingness to go the extra mile to give us some options and his expertise on ways to save some money while maintaining our vision.

Throughout the 6 months I learned so much and the crew was so patient with me!  They were professional, accommodating, flexible, a pleasure to work with and the caliber of work was incredible.  One of the most important things I saw was how well they worked together and their passion for what they do and their attitude.  For me this made all the difference.  Combined with their skill you wouldn’t want to hire anyone else.   From beginning to end it was a smooth project and we cannot be more happy with our new home!

Thank you MOKULUA family!

Katie Hennessy


The Finest Builder and General Contractor of our life!

“Having built our custom homes for thirty five years, dealing with large cost over-runs and long punch lists, we are delighted that these are in the past.

The finest builder and General Contractor of our life has been MOKULUA, as their planning,quality execution and integrity is, to quote a Tibetan phrase, para gate (beyond the beyond,) so that not only do we have the “Best in Class in Hawaii,” but also the most economical, creative with timely results.

They are a true synergy of the finest combination of a Pennsylvania work ethic and Aloha Spirit!  Mahalo Nui Loa.”  

Rudy and Audrey Decker-Boznak


Transformed to meet our needs…

"Through the efforts of Mike and his hard working crew at MOKULUA High Performance Builder, my home has been restored to its original beauty and also transformed to meet our needs... Throughout this project, MOKULUA's main focus has been to help us accomplish our goals."

Lansdale Lau


Professional, efficient, courteous and skilled…

"I recently had the opportunity to work with MOKULUA High Performance Builder on a residential renovation project on O‘ahu... They were very professional, efficient, courteous and skilled as a contractor. My client was equally impressed. I look forward to working with MOKULUA High Performance Builder on future projects."

Partners in Design


MOKULUA High Performance Builder watches the budget carefully…

"As an owner of a small engineering firm in Hawai‘i for the past 35 years, I have had the opportunity to work with many contractors, engineers and professionals and I have seen my share of construction contract problems. MOKULUA HPB watches the budget carefully and knows their costs. They keep their cost low and do not aggressively pursue change orders- the point of meltdown for most homeowners."

Joe Van Ryzin

Kailua Craftsman Cottage Client


Passion for sustainable building is Inspiring…

"Working with MOKULUA High Performance Builder has been a truly amazing experience! Their passion for sustainable building is inspiring, and at each phase of the project they were responsive to our needs, offered educated answers to our questions and always made sure we were included in the decisions of our project."

Ken and Sissy Arakawa


I was the Center of the Universe with MOKULUA!

"Spent double, took three times as long, am ten times happier than I thought I would be. I would very highly recommend Archipelago Hawai‘i as designers, and MOKULUA High Performance Builder as the cabinet makers/builders. I was the center of the universe for these brief months- and get a taste of what it must feel like to be an a-list celebrity. I was expecting to get the condescending attitude that my generation of women is used to, but these people treated me, my ideas and my suggestions as if i were a full partner in the project. Evidently men can evolve after all. Oh, happy day. So, how is the new place? It's like being in love." 

Linda Hensen


We are loving raising our children in such a wonderful home!

“Now that the dust has settled and we are finally unpacked, I wanted to take this time and tell you how grateful we are for the beautiful home you have built for us.  We cannot express enough gratitude to you and your staff for building us such a quality, green home, that we will be able to enjoy for the years ahead.  We are loving raising our children in such a wonderful home.  Thank you!” 

The Bartee’s


Their carpenters are extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and personable!

"I really loved the 'package' MOKULUA brings with them to a project. They are more than just a contractor doing a project for a client. MOKULUA has a great foundation of communication, which is very important to us, and have qualified individuals at every level of the company. Their carpenters are extremely knowledgeable, courteous and personable, which is very refreshing. This character remains consistent through the company, with a very sophisticated project management set up that ensured we were consistent with the schedule, expectations and the budget! We even got a credit at the end of the project because MOKULUA approached the project from a top down cost perspective vs. giving us a low bid and 'dinging' us for every little addition. In sum, MOKULUA is a refreshing change of pace to contracting... not to mention they truly embrace, understand and are committed to the environment (via green building) and do so without compromising the budget. I highly recommend MOKULUA and wish them the very best! Thank you and a BIG Mahalo."

2009 Client